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• “Sacred Sound: The Legacy of Aural Devotion at Orsanmichele,” submitted for approval to Word & Image (Forthcoming).

• “Teaching with Artstor: Trajan’s Column,” Travel Award essay submission published on (September 13, 2011)

Presentations, Conferences, Workshops

• Workshop: Summer Course for the Study of the Arts in Flanders: Medieval and Renaissance Sculpture in the Low Countries, directed by Matthias Depoorter, Dr. Peter Carpreau, and Marjan Debaene, Museum M, Leuven (June 18-28, 2017)

• “Transcendent Materiality: The Santa Casa di Loreto,” Renaissance Society of America Conference, Chicago, IL (April 1, 2017)

• “Antonio Begarelli, Alfonso Lombardi, and Sixteenth-Century Sculptural Discourse,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia (October 23, 2015)

• “Saint Anne at Orsanmichele: A Study of Sixteenth-century Devotion and Influence,” Renaissance Society of America Conference, Berlin, Germany (March 28, 2015)

• “Sonal Sculpture: Humanist Devotion at Orsanmichele,” University of Michigan Conference On Absence: Loss and Immateriality in Art and Architecture (October 25, 2014)

• Workshop: Paleography and Archival Studies, Medici Archives Project, directed by Dr. Alessio Assonitis, Florence, Italy (June 16-28, 2014)

• Chair: Art and Architecture Panel, Medici Archives Project Conference Cosimo di Giovanni de’ Medici (Magnus Etruriae Dux), Florence, Italy (May 29-30, 2014)

• “Classicizing Proximity: Nicholas Cordier’s African in Seventeenth-century Rome,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio (October 28, 2012)

• Workshop: Classical Summer School, American Academy in Rome, directed by Professor Susann Lusnia of Tulane University, Rome, Italy (June 20 – July 29, 2011)

• “The Ziza: Christians in a Muslim Guise,” Medieval Association of the Pacific, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA (March 5, 2010)



• ARTH 361 Survey of Italian Renaissance Art, University of Washington
Fall 2016; Fall 2015
Upper level survey course of Italian Renaissance Art, spanning the history of painting, sculpture and architecture, focused on critical analysis of the most recent publications in field

• ARTH 309 Communication across Space: Sculpture and Multimedia Installation in the Italian Renaissance, University of Washington
Spring 2015
Course directly related to dissertation research, regarding the history and evolution of religious sculpture and multimedia immersive spaces across the sixteenth century

Teaching Assistantships

• ARTH 203: Survey of Western Art—Modern, University of Washington
Spring 2017

• University of Washington Art History Seminar in Rome, University of Washington Rome Center (Italy)
Winter 2016; Spring 2013
Faculty assistant responsible for day to day management of program and frequent independent teaching in museums, churches, and urban/archaeological sites

• ARTH 202: Survey of Western Art—Medieval and Renaissance, University of Washington
Winter 2015 (Head TA); Winter 2014 (Head TA); Winter 2013 (Head TA); Winter 2012; Winter 2011 (Head TA)

• ARTH 201: Survey of Western Art—Ancient, University of Washington
Fall 2012; Fall 2011 (Head TA); Winter 2010; Fall 2009
• ARTH 215: The Arts of Japan: Visual and Cultural History, University of Washington
Winter 2010


• ARTH 309: Native American Body Adornment, Professor Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, University of Washington
Spring 2017

• ARTH 233: Art and Culture of the Northwest Coast, Professor Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, University of Washington
Winter 2017

• ARTH 209: Michelangelo, Professor Stuart Lingo, University of Washington
Winter 2017

• ARTH 309: Introduction to Byzantine Art, Professor Ivan Drpic, University of Washington
Fall 2014

• ARTH 471: Rome in the Seventeenth Century, Professor Estelle Lingo, University of Washington
Fall 2014; Winter 2014

• ARTH 309: Japan Vogue: Japanese Art and Influences on European Impressionism, Postmodernism and Expressionism, PhD Candidate Catherine Roche, University of Washington
Spring 2012

• ARTH 366: Northern Renaissance Art, PhD Candidate Steven Bunn, University of Washington
Spring 2011

• ARTH 373: Southern Baroque Art, Professor Estelle Lingo, University of Washington
Fall 2013; Winter 2009

• ARTH 361: Italian Renaissance Art, Professor Stuart Lingo, University of Washington
Fall 2008


Museum Experience

• The Henry Art Gallery, Collections Department, University of Washington
Summer 2012
Digitization of slide collection; proficient in Mimsy, Photoshop, Nicon scanning software

Image Library Assistant

• DART Program Assistant, Southeast Asia Journal, University of Washington
Spring 2011 – Summer 2011
Inventoried and digitized anthropological studies of rural Thailand from the 1960s to the present

• Image Library, University of Washington Art History Department
Fall 2008 – Spring 2009
Created digital imagery, compiled metadata

• Imaging Center, Smith College Art History Department
Fall 2007 – Summer 2008

Community Experience

• Graduate Students of Art History Organization (GSAH), University of Washington
Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 (organization President); Fall 2010 – Spring 2011 (Vice President); Fall 2016 – Spring 2017, Fall 2011 – Spring 2012, 2010 Winter (Representative)

• GSAH Conference Coordinator, “The Mechanics of Beauty: A Question of Representation” (May 17, 2013)
Fall 2012 – Winter 2013
Composed call for presenters, assisted judgment of applications

• Art Board, University of Washington
Fall 2012 – Winter 2013
Forum for graduate student advocacy in the School of Art