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I work at the interface between architectural and urban research, teaching, curating and art practice. My research explores the histories of colonial/postcolonial architecture and urbanism at their intersections with migration and exile, transnational practice, mobility and gender. Urban heritage has recently become an additional focus. Recent research projects have investigated: curating and communicating heritage ‘from below’ in different cultural contexts, particularly Germany, Tanzania and India; GDR development cooperation in sub-Saharan Africa; and women architects and planners who worked in the 'global South' during the mid-twentieth century.

I am currently a post-doc researcher at the LMU Munich on the ERC-funded research project Relocating Modernism: Global Metropolises, Modern Art and Exile (METROMOD). I studied architecture at the Mackintosh School in Glasgow before pursuing my diploma in Berlin. In 2014 I completed my doctoral dissertation 'Negotiating Modernities: Otto Koenigsberger's Works and Networks in Exile' at the TU Berlin. Recent publications include ‘Otto Koenigsberger, Transcultural Practice and the Tropical Third Space’. OASE, no. 95 (December 2015) and ‘A Local/Global Assemblage’. In ‘An Irresistible Movement’: AA Women in Architecture 1917-2017, edited by Elizabeth Darling and Lynne Walker. London: AA Press, 2017


Doctorate of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.), TU Berlin / with distinction
Thesis: Negotiating Modernities: Otto Koenigsberger’s Works and Networks in Exile (1933-1951)
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Peter Herrle, Chair of International Urbanism and Design, TU Berlin; Prof. Dr. Carola Hein, Growth and Structure of Cities Department, Bryn Mawr College

Diploma in Architecture (Dipl.-Ing), Kunsthochschule Berlin
Thesis: Räume der Migration
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Scholz and Dr. Guenter Nest

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch (hons.)), Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art

Selected Employment history

Post-Doc Fellow: Institute of Art History, Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich
ERC Project: Relocating Modernism: Global Metropolises, Modern Art and Exile (METROMOD)

Assistant Professor: Institute of Art History, Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich

Assistant Professor: Habitat Unit, TU Berlin
German Federal Cultural Foundation Project: Simulizi Mijini / Urban Narratives
German Israeli Foundation Project: Architecture, Planning and Foreign Policy: Israeli and GDR Development Cooperation in sub-Saharan Africa 1950-1990

Lecturer: Urban Management Masters Course, TU Berlin

Research Associate: BTU Cottbus
DFG Project: Neues Bauen in der Fremde: Wege, Wandel und Wirken der Weimarer Architekturmoderne unter den Bedingungen des Exils

German Management Committee Member, COST Action IS0904: European Architecture Beyond Europe

Lecturer, Space Strategies Masters Course, Kunsthochschule Berlin