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Virtual Palaces Part II. Lost Palaces and their Afterlife. Virtual Reconstruction between Science and Media

WORKSHOP. Organized by Institute for Art History (LMU), Institute of Archaeology (Bamberg) and ESF Research Networking Programme PALATIUM

13.04.2012 – 14.04.2012

Virtual reconstructions play a decisive role in the exploration of residential and courtly architecture. Especially in the communication of scientific results, "non-built" media such as reconstruction drawings, plans, images, and films are of considerable importance.

This workshop wants to examine the properties, possibilities, and limitations of the various methods and technologies for virtual reconstruction. What perspectives does the use of digital models offer for scientific research and for the presentation of research results? The workshop aims at addressing a wide scope of issues related to virtual modelling and reconstruction of late medieval and early modern court residences.

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Organized by ESF Research Networking Programme PALATIUM

Co-Organized by Prof. Dr. Stephan Hoppe, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Breitling

Contact / registration Sebastian Fitzner