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Michael Barg, M.A.

Doktorand im ERC-Projekt „SACRIMA. The Normativity of Sacred Images in Early Modern Europe“


With my dissertation project titled “The Italian Renaissance Garden, an Arcadian Reality?” I aim to offer a deeper understanding of the garden in Renaissance Italy. By focussing on the relations between art, literature, and materiality I research the hypothesis that ideas about Arcadia played a fundamental role in the creation and reception in the Italian Renaissance Garden. Through the analysis of Arcadian literature, I explore the presentation of the relationship between man, nature, and the world and the idea of Arcadia as an alternative and idealised world. Through the study of different types of sources, I will trace the role that these ideas played in the choices made by commissioners, advisors, and artists on the one hand and on the other the experience of the garden of visitors. To do this I will take into consideration the overall design and single elements of the garden, such as fountains, groves, and grottos, as well as descriptions of visitors and odes by letterati. By so doing I will shed new light on the intellectual and cultural context in which the Italian Renaissance Garden was created and experienced.


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