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Prof. Dr. Ilse Sturkenboom

Prof. Dr. Ilse Sturkenboom

Professur für Islamische Kunstgeschichte


Islamische Kunstgeschichte/ Islamic Art History

Islamische Buchkunst, Austausch zwischen islamischer und chinesischer Kunst, Austausch zwischen islamischer und europäischer Kunst, Materialforschung

Ilse Sturkenboom specialises in the Persianate arts of the books. Her current project on Chinese decorated paper in Persianate manuscripts investigates exchange between China and the Islamic world, the materiality of so-called ‘Chinese paper’ and the impact of Chinese decorated paper on the aesthetics and layout of manuscripts produced in the Islamic world. She welcomes graduate students interested in Islamic art, the arts of the books and visual cultures in particular.


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Betreute Examensarbeiten

Laufende Dissertationen:

Yasmin BARGHI, The First Visual Dimension of the Khamsa of Niẓāmī: Revisiting and Illustrated Muzaffarid Manuscript in the Tehran University Library

Laura CASTRO ROYO, The mystical bird Simurgh in the text and iconography of medieval Persia

Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten:

Gülce Selen AKSOY, A Search for the Artistic Identity: The Painter’s Status Claim as an Artist Through his Signature in Late Fifteenth Century Herat (2020)

Ipek Birgül KOZANĞLU, Becoming an Ottoman Lady: The Role of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Letters in Igniting the Empowered Female Imagery in Eighteenth-century Turquerie Paintings (2020)

Anna ULANOVA, National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul: Rebuilding the Nation and Forming Afghan National Identity (2020)

Caitlin RUSSELL, A Comparison of Photographic Representations of ‘the Orient’ in Japan and North Africa and the Middle East in the Late Nineteenth Century (2019)

Charlotte SADLER, History Within its Pages: Unfurling the Mysteries of H.762 (2019)

Esme Beatrice O’BRIEN, Gustave Moreau, Symbolism and the Supernatural: Representations of the mythological subject of the Peri (2018)

Theresa ZISCHKIN, The Timurid Miʿrājnāma Revisited: Visual Idioms Shaping 'Religious' Space (2018)