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Islamic Art in Exchange

The 18th Colloquium of the Ernst Herzfeld Society wishes to continue discussions around transregional and global aspects of exchange in the material culture of the Islamic world as well as reception of Islamic art in other cultures.


Munich, Museum Fünf Kontinente (Museum Five Continents)
6-9 July 2023

Organised by the Professorship of Islamic Art History, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and the Museum Fünf Kontinente, Munich

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Pansee Atta, screencapture from Projections (2016), animation


Thursday 6 July

9:00 Graduate Students Meeting & Registration

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19:00 Keynote Lecture

Bahia Shehab (Cairo): Drinking from the Cup of the Beloved: Islamic Art inspiring Arab Design 

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Friday 7 July

8:30 Registration & Coffee
9:00 Welcome words
9:15-10:00 Archie Williams (Oxford): Ernst Herzfeld Award Paper

Chair: Matthia Giudetti

10:00-11:00 The Islamic World and the West in Conversation

Chair: Markus Ritter

Bilha Moor (Denver, CO): Illustrated Ottoman Cosmographies in Response to European Printed Books, ca. 1560-1600 
Ayşe Dilsiz Hartmuth (Vienna): The Lure of the Anti-Modern? Intersecting Perspectives on “700 Years of Turkish Art“

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break 

11:30-13:00 Local, Global, Glocal?

Chair: Avinoam Shalem

Agnieszka Lic (Warsaw): Interregional and Local: Dynamics and Means of Artistic Exchange in the Early Islamic Persian/Arabian Gulf. The Case of Stuccoes from Siraf 
Katharina Meinecke (Leipzig): Forms and Meanings: Layers of Appropriation in Umayyad Visual Culture
Eman Shokry Hesham (Cairo): Opus Sectile Floor Decoration in Mamluk Egypt (1250-1517 AD)

13:00-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-16:00 Exchange Within the Islamic World

Chair: Ralph Bodenstein

Marcus Pilz (Coburg): The Medieval Islamic Rock Crystal Vessels: Abbasid Art for the Fatimid Court?
Aila Santi (London): Early Islamic Ceremonial Spaces: Cross-Cultural Architectural Encounters in Mesopotamia
Péter Tamas Nagy (Doha): Exchanging Material Culture in the Fourteenth-Century Western Mediterranean: The Fez–Granada–Tlemcen Triangle



Saturday 8 July 

9:30-11:00 Reception of Islamic Material Culture in Europe

Chair: Buket Altinoba

Anahita Mittertrainer (Munich): Lost in Translation? A Case Study on Selected Objects from the Collection of Ludwig I at the Museum Five Continents
Magdalena Pinker (Warsaw): A Priest, an Aristocrat and an Actress: Provenance and Reception of Islamic Art in Poland on the Example of the Collection in the National Museum in Warsaw
Franziska Niemand (Fribourg/Romont): Transfer and Appropriation: Islamic Architecture at Nineteenth-Century World’s Fairs and the Case of Colored Glass Stucco Windows

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-13:00 Modern and Contemporary Art & Architecture

Chair:  Çiğdem İvren

Martin Nixon (Dubai): Hurufiyya and Modernism: Calligraphy and Abstraction in Twentieth-Century Arab and Iranian Painting
Ahmed Abdelazim (Madison, WI): The Making and Remaking of Contemporary Islamic Architecture: Migration and the Development of a Pan-Islamic Style During the 1980s
Inbal Kol (Jerusalem): In and Out: Thoughts about the Contemporary Moroccan Art Scene

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 -15:00 Poster Session

Posters by Nur Efeoglu, Maximilian Hartmuth & Lukas Stampfer, Dominik Lengyel & Catherine Toulouse, Berenike Metzler, Agnes Rameder, Mustafa Tupev

15:00-16:30 Islamic Art in Conversation with the East

Chair: Anna Grasskamp 

Laura Castro Royo (St Andrews): The Origins of the Mythological Bird Sīmurgh
Dorothée Kreuzer (Bonn): The Scrawny Phoenix and the Elegant Goose: On Beauty in the Cairo Bustan
Shunhua Jin (Marseille): The Drinking Man in Safavid Blue-and-White Ceramics: On "Persianizing" Chinese Motifs

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00-18:30 Hybrid Objects?

Chair: Margaret Shortle

Ilse Sturkenboom (Munich): Another Step in the Appropriation of Chinese Aesthetics in 15th-Century Iran: The New York Public Library Makhzan al-Asrār Revisited 
Nicole Pulichene (Madison, WI/ New York): Luxuriating in Paradise: Re-Attributing an Enigmatic Ivory Pyxis at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Abbey Stockstill (Dallas, TX): Mediterranean Convergence: The Implications of Craft in the Kutubiyya Minbar


Sunday 9 July

09:30-10:30 Munich Residence, tours on objects of the Islamic World at Bavarian Courts by Dr. Marcus Pliz and Dr. Priscilla Pfannmüller

11:00-12:00 Museum Fünf Kontinente, tour by Dr. Anahita Mittertrainer